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We connect owners of modernist homes directly with people who care about design and architecture.

Rental Properties

Modernist Estates is a unique online platform that connects homeowners of modernist properties directly to tenants who share an enthusiasm for design and architecture.

By eliminating the need for estate agents and their associated commission fees, landlords and tenants can communicate directly, streamlining the rental process. Our inspiration for creating this platform came from our experience running the successful Modernist Estates blog since 2013, where we listed modernist properties with that were already on the market. With a large and dedicated audience of design enthusiasts, it was a natural evolution for us to offer a direct advertising service, making the whole process of renting more human.

New—Holiday Rentals

Our new holiday home listings are a collection of carefully curated and handpicked properties chosen for their architectural quality and histories. We are expanding our collection in the coming weeks and months, so do visit us frequently to explore new destinations. Please note we list these properties on behalf of their hosts — to make an enquiry or book a stay, contact the hosts directly via the enquiry button on their page.

If you are a proud owner of a remarkable holiday home and would like to have it considered for inclusion in our collection, we would be delighted to hear from you, please get in touch.


Modernist Estates was founded by Stefi Orazi a designer and the author of several books on modernist architecture, including Modernist Estates: The buildings and the people who live in them today (2015), The Barbican Estate (2018), Modernist Escapes (2021), and the popular architecture walking guides Perambulations.