Modernist housing has become increasingly popular in recent years, however, most estate agents still don’t quite ‘get it’, especially ex-council purpose-built flats. We believe that if you are a landlord of a modernist property you probably want to rent it out to like-minded tenants.

What is it?

An online platform that allows landlords to advertise their properties directly to tenants who have an appreciation for design and architecture. Landlords and tenants will be able to communicate directly — without the need for an estate agent and their commission.

Why are you doing it?

Having run the Modernist Estates blog for fun over the past five years — listing properties with architectural pedigree already on the market — we have built up a large design-conscious audience. It seemed like a natural progression to offer the opportunity for properties to be advertised directly, and for landlords and tenants to communicate directly with each other, making the whole process of renting more human.


If you are a landlord of a modernist property and are interested in advertising it to a community of design and architecture enthusiasts, in the first instance please contact us to ensure your property fits our criteria.


We believe in order to ensure your property attracts the best tenants, professional photography is a must. We will send a photographer to photograph your home at a suitable date and time.

Creating your listing

We will upload the images and information about your property onto the website, then you do the rest.


Once your listing is live, potential tenants will contact you via email directly. All communication between you and potential tenants, viewings, contracts and references are your responsibility. Please see our FAQ and Terms and Conditions pages for more information.

Tenancy contracts, legal obligations etc.

We want to demystify the whole process of renting out your property. There are standard tenancy agreements available from GOV.UK website that you can use, there are also companies that will run credit checks and references on prospective tenants. Please read our Landlords FAQ for more information.


To advertise your property on Modernist Estates there is a one-off fee of £395. There are no hidden costs.


If you are a potential tenant, please join the mailing list, and we will alert you when a new property is listed.

Please also read the Terms and Conditions and FAQ pages.